dealing with STRESS

Stress. Something everyone experiences, whether that be at school, work, before a performance, or even in day-to-day life. You know it makes you feel rubbish, but just cant get rid of it. So, how do you deal with stress??

Through my life, if learned how to reduce worrying, and build my confidence. Here are the things that really help me, and I hope they benefit you too !


You probably already know, that it’s VITAL you get enough sleep. I definitely don’t feel my best if I haven’t slept, and it actually causes stress levels to rise significantly. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep ensures optimum brain function, stops fatigue, and promotes muscle and bone strength…all helping reduce stress and worrying! If your struggling to sleep, try relaxing before bed, not looking at screens 1hr before, or having a soothing cup of herbal tea after dinner.


And no, this doesn’t mean 3 salads and a smoothie per day. It simply means balance. Getting the right amount of every vitamin, mineral and nutrient keeps your body happy, and happiness=less stress! It’s also important to treat yourself too, so why not try one of my sweet treat recipes to keep you going ;)??


Remember, the breaks are JUST as important as the work. 8 hours of non-stop running around is no good for your stress levels, and especially if the work doesn’t stop when you get home…it can be difficult to really relax. It’s so important to set aside a little time for yourself, to let your brain regenerate and your body rest. This means that when you get back at it, you’ll feel content, ready to go, and no where near as stressed!


In the long run, hard work is still always important. Mabye your become worried about dropping grades, or a lack of pay rise. Well, things don’t happen without a little effort. Once you’ve done the other things, and your in the right mindset, make sure you really go for life, and give everything your best shot. And when you succeed, theres nothing to worry about right?!


No, you don’t have to make a to-the-minute timetable. If you’ve been given an assignment, piece of homework, deadline of any kind, spread out the work. Leaving everything to the last few days will cause tonnes of stress, and the work probably won’t be of your best quality either! Set yourself a little target, mabye an hour a day, or a few hours 3 days a week. This way you’ll get plenty of breaks between work, and your mind will be totally chillll.

I hope these tips give you a little help, and make you realise that stress CAN be managed. I’d love to hear if they help, or any other tips you have!

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