In the world we live in, comparison to others is a very easy trap to fall into. And honestly, it’s happened to me too.
Society “ideals” and social media idols are often impossible to reach(because they’re NOT REAL), but that doesn’t stop us from putting ourselves down, and believing your not good enough. So, how do you overcome it??

Well, to start, STOP THE COMPARING. Everyone is different, everyone is incredible in their own way. What would the world be like if everyone was exactly the same?! (scary right). You are you, and whether she has longer hair than you, or he has more money than you, means nothing. Strengths and weaknesses are what make us human, and those picture perfect models on the internet…that’s not human.

Linking to that, it’s SO important, especially now, not to beleive eveything you watch on TV, everything you scroll past on your Instagram feed, or everything the magazines tell you. Editing software and feature enhancers are continuously used to make people look better, and consequently ‘perfect’…that’s just marketing! Always keep your head in the REAL world, and focus on the REAL you.

So, how does this link to self confidence?? Well once you’ve stopped thinking about what everyone else is doing, you can start building up yourself. Not comparing yourself to others doesn’t mean you can’t have goals and aspirations…just one’s that are actually achievable :). It’s best to start small, because sometimes the little victories are the best ones!

The judgement you feel you receive, is only made worse by you thinking it’s there. Because really, it’s not. People are too busy thinking about themselves to worry about what colour top your wearing. That feeling that your constantly being watched and talked about, is simply due to lack of confidence. Once you start to believe in yourself, and focus on what YOU want to do, you’ll see that what everyone else ‘thinks about you’, is not at all important. It’s what YOU think about YOU, and YOU are amazing,
so have confidence!

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